Smashed Strawberry Nojito Mocktail

Smashed Strawberry Nojito Mocktail

We made this drink a bit upside down but we’re just experimenting and going with the flow here at Call Me. Still ridiculously refreshing and well balanced. Juicy with a little sizzle from the jalapeño!

To make:
• paint syrup on to rim of glass
• rim with flake salt and orange or lime zest
• smash fresh strawberries, lime wedges, mint leaves
• add a drizzle of natural strawberry syrup for added sweetness
• shake with ice to chill if desired
• strain or pour over ice (depending on how much texture you want)
• top with @drinkspindrift Nojito (inspired by Mojito flavor)
• top with small diced strawberries
• finely grated frozen jalapeño

Enjoy ☎️🍹

xx Call Me



Fresh Lime, Stawberry & Mint Nojito by Spindrift Salt & Orange peel on the Rim Topped with fresh Strawberries & grated frozen Jalapeño @sp@spindrifth@WholeeNicoleeh@Christine Shieldsmomocktailomocktailsomocktailgirlieomocktailloversacallmefordrinkspspindriftajalapeñoojmojitoastawberryc#mocktailrecipe

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